Friday, January 27, 2012

weight loss Tip of the day!!!

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I realize the weathercan get you down,  remember many local Malls enjoy having crowds walking, so begin a group of walkers, daily, weekly or ocasionally, its ok .  If your able to keep your body in motion, muscles stay active, allowing the eaze of flexibility.  If needed, eat shrimp or shell items, they will reduce your wear & Tear
of your cartlidge.                  
                                                              THE MORE YOU KNOW !!!
   always consult w/doctor prior to activities.... these tips are just reminders
                                                   what if you ...     how about this . . .

With Spring around the Corner; many begin their execise programs at home.  We All would like to feel better by beginning our training at home , prior to adventuring outside.  However outside is where you want to be, in the refreshing Clean Air.  Always be certain to be prepared for outdoor weather changes, if you choose the outdoods !!!