Saturday, January 14, 2012


  1. When eating...always have a variety of healthy foods, fruits, vegies etc.. fish, meats, poultry... each can work with your body to maintain a lean body... speak with a dietary nurse...

    The More You Know ???

    need groceries, etc.. go to your local outlet 5/10 blocks from your home (careful if in dark areas, unsafe areas...) by doing this, walking , jogging, or bike, the more you keep yourself active, the less likely to have problems...isac newton something in motion, harder to stop....its so true, as I type away.... just keep riding a bike.... life can be that simple, eating, sleeping in moderation... THE MORE YOU KNOW (Iam a blogger, who is youngest of you can only imagine what Ive seen , done in my years... the more you know... who said that me ..... whalla !!! have you seen plants vs zombies... all the kids love this game !!!

  2. Oh ya Paridise Island is an adventure all should have...then You Too will say ....Been Their,,....done that !!!again touring or travelling is an adventure for All..