Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beginning internet account ?

Set your Google+ page link

   FB"                    >$1.99 Domains* at

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  1. Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    Walk, rather than driving to the Store ! ! !

    Many times this Season, You mayhave a choice, either to Walk to the local market or drive ? Ever think of riding a bike ??? It will re-energize your life, bringing both youthful memories; while getting yourself in shape. Some like to rollerskate, the new inline skates are AMAZING !!! ; or the scooters that are available will bring back memories, hopefully Good ones. I had a Batavis Moped, at age 16; the legal age in Mass. at the Time; I rode that everywhere. Yes the Scooter went 45 ++ ; Alot of fun for a 16 year old... Ah those were the days...
    So get out, enjoy what life has to offer... always be carefull in the Field of life & Your Dreams !!!