Monday, January 16, 2012

learning 101, always keep learning !!! WTM

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Everyday we should learn something new !!!    Life can be frustrating yet we continue on.  My relative, built an mini JET !!!   Yes a small Jet, built at home for a hobby !!!   his son enjoyed Flying, however the last I heard of his plane malfunctioned, tire didn't work properly on landing ; however he was able to land, knowing that it was built properly, sparks n all halted, with out blowing, so I heard upon landing he was not approached right away, most jets of this type explode... yet because of Quality construction, his did not !!!

   Another unknown fact for you.  As many aircraft where being built, not all actually becaming production formats because of gliches.  In developing aircraft, computer formats , all do not withstand the volume of traffic or control.  short lived YF-105-A aircraft ***  is one such plane ...
                     ***********************************            The More You Know !!!

ref from Republic F-105 Thunderchief Classic Warplanes Salamander Books Ltd. 1992 www.smithmark

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