Thursday, January 12, 2012

did you know !!!

JAN 11 Posting to loose weight !!! POSTING TO LOOSE WEIGHT !!! TRY IT ... go to the store 3/5 blocks from your location. This will get your bodies metabolism to work for You !!! The More YUou Know !!! tips n tricks to motivate you to better your health !!! Subscribe to northwest flower blog by Email franks Posted Yesterday by 0 Add a comment The More You Know !!!! " weightloss industry" a 60 million $ a year business + + + JAN 10 TODAYS TIPS FOR EATING HEALYTHY !!! ↑ Grab this Headline Animator WHEN TRYING TO SLIM DOWN, BEGIN DRINKING BETWEEN 10-12 GLASSES OF WATER PER DAY !!! tHIS WILL FLUSH OUT THOSE UNWANTED ITEMS IN YOUR SYSTEM & YOU WILL SOON BEGIN TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. NOT ONLY WILL YOU FEEL BETTER, YOUR SKIN WILL BEGIN TO CLEAR UP OR FEEL BETTER,AS ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING ANY SUGGGESTED CURES... Posted Yesterday by 0 Add a comment JAN 10 The more you Know !!! Subscribe to northwest flower blog by Email Well if you need to lose weight.. lower your intake of food, also change your eating habits, to a healthier lifestyle. If you need groceries, walk to your local store 5/9 blocks away from your location. Always be safe where your walking to !!! This will increase your metabolism rate and over a period of time ultimately reduce those unwante lbs. Always consult a doctor prior to any activities you may begin. Happy New Year !!! THE MORE YOU KNOW!!! a regional blogger WTM Posted Yesterday by 1 View comments JAN 10 weightloss tips... / sharks in waters 1st 3 months of year be carefull !!! In need of milk/ pet food ? walk to your ocal store, no not the one next door. five or six blocks from your house. After a week or so, your body will begin to shed those unwanted pounds.. if you live in an unsafe neighborhood, do not take my advise... The More You Know ??? Sharks are in the Waters... jan, feb, march are the months in which more people are attacked by sharks in bays and shallow waters. never go in the salt water with open wounds, sharks have a keen sense for Blood.... THE MORE YOU KNOW !!!! Posted Yesterday by 0 Add a comment DEC 4 Roaddeals variety of services for You !!! Mobil acces., may be able to assist, Lock outs , jumpstarts , Towing ... basically any road situation may be addressed. Todays Tips For Weight Loss !!! Go purchase a newspaper, bottle of juice, or something a few blocks from where you live, walking, biking, skatboarding or utilize some form of transportation which will burn callories. Remember back in the day when you were able to enjoy All Foods. Ah that was nice, not worrying cause your metabolism was high, and gaining Weight was not on your mind !!! Well some of us need a little help in managing our weight issues, or food intake. I imagine that Today is the day To make a Change for the better.

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