Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your daily weight loss Tips !!!

                As Spring seams to be arriving ... don't hold you breath... mother nature Always has a surprise or Two for Us.  Yet many are out-doors biking,  at least in my neck of the Woods, people are conserving, utilizing public transportation n All.  With the sun shining upon us all, many are outdoors more, so if you have a need for items at the store, why not walk... The fresh, brisk air , will do you well.  Always be certain you have xtra clothing or bites of energy bars, granola is preferred !!!   You are , what you eat, fish, vegtables, dairy products... fruit & more will benefit your New Healthy Lifestyle....

                                                TO A NEW YOU !!!!

                                                           save $ a few cuts & rips on clothing is the

                                                                   NEW IN STYLE...

            WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE !!!

                      ah fresh smelling cup of Joe !!!
                              TEA IS BETTER FOR YOU !!!

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