Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water / energy drink ???

Many will drink water, replacing their much needed thirst.  However some enjoy energy drinks for the needed burst of enrgy it provides.  The choice is up to each individual.  Everyones bodies act differently depending upon their activities & so  forth.  Personally, if your metabolism is at a rapid pace, you will exhaust much of you unwanted excess  Calories...As always, everyones tollerence is different, be careful, speak with your doctor prior to excess activities...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walk, rather than driving to the Store ! ! !

          Many times this Season, You mayhave a choice, either to Walk to the local market or drive ?  Ever think of riding a bike ???  It will re-energize your life, bringing both youthful memories; while getting yourself in shape.   Some like to rollerskate, the new inline skates are AMAZING !!! ;  or the scooters that are available will bring back memories, hopefully Good ones.  I had a Batavis Moped, at age 16; the legal age in Mass. at the Time; I rode that everywhere.  Yes the Scooter went 45 ++ ; Alot of fun for a 16 year old... Ah those were the days...
So get out, enjoy what life has to offer... always be carefull in the Field of life & Your Dreams !!!

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